rust and stardust

Nov 28

Passing white daisies, taking turns
All those evenings on the back deck of our first apartment
They meant everything but the wind just carried them off
And you can’t go back now, just a passing moment gone

Please slow it down
There’s a secret magic password
That you only notice when you’re looking back at it
And all I wanna do is turn around

Dec 13
Jan 4

I know the spy is going to tell you 
It’s not my flag up in the pole
So now he’s buried by the lilies 
So I could stay forever more in your eyes, babe

Jan 4

She has a dad she doesn’t know
who sends her letters with no return address.
"I don’t know his name…"
"He don’t know my face…"
"I am better off this way…"

Jan 12

So why’d you fill my sorrow
With the words you’ve borrowed
From the only place that you’ve known
And why’d you sing Hallelujah
If it means nothing to you
Why’d you sing with me at all?

Jan 13

And I said, “Mercy me, be patient please ‘cause I don’t know a goddamn thing about the birds and the bees”

Jan 14

Cocorosie-Smoky Taboo

Jan 14
Jan 21

Draco and the Malfoys. Nerdiness ftw. 

Jan 23

You want me to act like we’ve never kissed. You want me to forget, pretend we’ve never met. And I’ve tried and I’ve tried but I haven’t yet. You walk by and I fall to pieces.